Madrasa Sabilut Tauheed Educational & Charitable Trust
  1. To start control and maintain imparting both secular & Religious institutions.
  2. To start and establish school, colleges or any other educational institution right from kinder garden to higher education, Technical, Professional and other Diploma courses.
  3. To start Arbic school right from Maktab, Nazira Quran , Hifz courses, Alim courses and ladies Madrasas. 
  1. To start School jointly for Religious & Education
  2. To takeover and run school, colleges or any other educational institutions.
  3. To purchase lands and buildings for school ,Madrasas and Masjid and to construct building on it.
  4. To extend financial Assistance to the other managements running schools & Madrasas.
  5. To extend Financial Assistance to the other institutions.
  6. To extend Financial Assistance to managements to construct mosque, Madrasas or for the part of said work.
  7. To Establish Libraries ,Hostels & Community Halls etc.
  8. To run Hostel & Mess for the Boys & Girls.
  9. To Participate in promoting social ,Religious & welfare programs.
  10. To arrange for imparting knowledge of Arabic and Religious literature i.e.  Namaz,  Islamic Literature and Holy Quran.
  11. To arrange medical campus.
  12. To take part in Public Auctions
  13. To publish Generals, Magazines, Souvenirs and Other Periodicals.
  14. To Construct and run Hospitals specially for Ladies.
  15. To accept donation, contribution, grants and subscription in cash or in kind from public or institutions/Organization
  16. All such activities which are suitable for the up liftmen of the society.